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Custom Fabrication

Abitzy is an all-inclusive Custom Fabrication shop. Our motto: "Everything is Possible". We stand by this because our creative abilities are truly infinite. If you want ANYTHING crafted to perfection, we're your team. Our warehouse facility is conveniently divided into multiple departments to accomplish any and all intricate projects. 


Project Management

Our front office is supported by a detail-oriented and efficient team of Project Managers. They are able to effectively handle multiple projects at a time. They make the lives of our customers significantly easier by assisting them every step of the way. From the time of the estimation, all the way until the project is shipped, we will have you covered. 


Storage Space

Another key component of our business model is the storage capabilities in our new location. We have a vast area in our warehouse dedicated strictly for storing purposes. With +80,000 sq. ft, we have plenty of space to store your projects safely and securely until its next use. This space is also kept clean for booth set-ups and showings. We've realized how crucial and convenient this is for our customers and our job at Abitzy is to make yours easier! 

Make your move now,

why wait!

Reach out to Abitzy for your next project. We GUARANTEE high-quality work and outstanding customer experience!

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